Lead Generation: Outbound Marketing Best Practices (PART 2)

Posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

In the article released last week of this 2-part special, we have given you a brief introduction to outbound marketing and how companies in Silicon Valley have utilized and become adept in such practices.

In this article, we will discuss tips and proven methods companies in Silicon Valley and other industries have used to create the proper atmosphere and culture for outbound marketing and effective sales development. Digging further, becoming adept and well equipped in training are the very foundations for a company’s success.


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What would be a good training and coaching recipe for success?

Organizations may follow a different training or coaching framework for sales development representatives. Although the standard would include an onboarding or orientation program that provides basic information such as the company profile, services or products, as well as processes and standards.

Here are some coaching and training tips that managers can utilize to improve the skills of their sales development team:

  1. Skills-based training programs

Establishing a skills-based training and assessment program will help to assess and improve the skills of sales development representatives. Identifying the necessary d expertise level and skill set are critical steps for this process. It can also be a mix of leadership and functional skills. Once that has been set, specific training programs can be conducted to address the gap.

Regular training sessions centered on improving communication skills should also be conducted. This can vary from proper handling of live calls, leaving effective voice mails and even email communications.

  1. Experiential learning sessions

A best way to learn a new skill or understand a concept is usually through experiential learning sessions. This may include situational plays on how to handle a live call or a difficult client, as well as best practices in getting a potential client’s interest over the phone.

Listening to live calls during training session and providing positive feedback may also be used. This will help sales development representatives gain a better grasp of good and bad practices.

  1. Easy-to-follow training materials and playbooks

Training modules or easy-to-follow guides can also be used to serve as a reminder for sales development representatives. This may come in the form of a one-pager guide that contains very important reminders or guidelines.

Having a playbook would also be beneficial to the team. However, this should be an easy-to-follow manual that has all the detailed processes, standards and important facts.

  1. Regular coaching sessions

Apart from training sessions, managers or leaders should also conduct regular coaching sessions. The recommended period is once every month. This can also serve as a good discussion opportunity between the manager and the sales development representative.  The manager can also use live calls or actual situations to give constructive feedback and coach the representative on how best to handle such cases. The coaching sessions can also happen on a one-on-one basis or as a whole group.
These are just some of the best practices in outbound marketing and sales development. The approach and framework to be followed may vary depending on a company’s set-up and needs. However, a key point would be the importance of knowing the needs of a customer and matching it with what the company can offer, to create a higher chance in generating leads and converting them to business opportunities.

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