Angle Recruiting: Howto hire the right people for your sales organisation

How to Hire the Right People for Your Sales Organization

ANGLE RECRUITING METHOD is designed for all front line sales managers that want to build and lead a successful sales team

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Angle Recruiting: How to hire the right people for your sales organisation


The digital age has transformed the way that customers are interacting with organisations and Sales organisations are adopting a host of new strategies in the hopes of winning over the new customers, but far too many of them struggle to recognise that the twenty-first century has changed employees as much as it has changed customers. The stakes couldn’t be higher: The right recruiting strategies will empower your organisation, giving it the ability to address the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

Angle Recruiting: How to hire the right people for your sales organisation: The method (and the book) takes its name from the process that seeks first to understand and then to align the organisation’s journey with that of the candidate—the angle is the degree to which these two journeys diverge. By ensuring that there is significant visionary overlap, the organisation and the candidate will be able to plan for a mutually rewarding and productive relationship built on a foundation of honesty and clarity.

Whether you are looking to fine-tune or to completely overhaul your recruiting practices, Fulvio Felletti’s Angle Recruiting presentation will give you ideas to make a leap in your business. Through the powerful methods presented you’ll be able to forge deep and lasting bonds between employer and ideally suited employees.This is the only way to ensure that your organisation will be successful today and prepared for tomorrow.

5 Step Framework

1. JDa. Identify your needs for the role
b. Compose JD and advertising material
2. Sourcea. Advertise the JD;
b. Select the best sourcing method for
your company;
3. Interviewa. Angle Recruiting;
b. Employer Identity;
c. Candidate Traits: 4C framework;
d. Scenarios; e. Planning;
f. Angle Match;
4. Selecta. Prioritising successful candidates;
b. Interview Feedback;
5. ONBOARDa. Activities before start date;
b. First Day: Expectations setting;
c. Using Angle for Retention;


What they say about ANGLE RECRUITING

“…Fulvio’s book offers any business owners no matter how seasoned incredible insights. He got hiring and retaining great people down to a science. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, he manages to give you that edge towards identifying real talent for your organization – and something that little edge makes all the difference in the world. The side effect of its variable learnings as a person, as an industry observer reminds us humbly to pick up gut instincts around us, to manage those thoughts and to practice effective Clock Speed processing. All in all, it has made me a better manager and a businessman. Thank you Fulvio. Get started on your next book please!…”

Sherman Foo – CEO Stridec|Designwork

“…Passionate as I am about the workplace changes that have been brought about by theMillennials, I was happy to see Fulvio highlight the importance of approaching the search forthe perfect candidate in a similar way one would approach the search for the perfect partner:with a focus on mutual respect, deep understanding of one another and shared visions and goals,that can only be uncovered by candidates interfacing directly with the business leaders, ratherthan going through many layers of recruiters with limited or no connection to the actual job…”

Rachele Focardi – SVP Employer Branding and Talent Strategy – Universum

“…We are suddenly attracting fantastic candidates and for once have more candidates than roles!We’re in a very good place at this time and I have Fulvio to thank for being a part of therecent recruitment success…”

Danielle Warner – CEO – Expat Insurance

“…Angle recruiting represents a new way to approach recruitment that we have been using forseveralhiring instances. The results are quite amazing as it allows to find talent that will succeed inanysales environment allowing for the maximum amount of efficiency and effectiveness. Highlyrecommended…”

Giuseppe Raneli – Managing Director – JD Talent Stream

“…This book offers a refreshing and systematic look at the process (and art) of hiring theright sales people for your organisation. The Angle approach brings method to an often ratherhaphazard process, without ever forgetting that hiring people is first and foremost about, well,people. I would urge business leaders to take a look at this book and get inspired to rethinktheir selection and hiring practices along similar lines. Hiring the wrong people can be verydamaging both to your organisation and to the people you mistakenly hire, and the Angle approachgoes a long way towards reducing that risk. The authors passion for personal development andcoaching shines through on every page and is – in my opinion – what sets this book off sofavourably against iust another HR manual it could have been in danger of becoming. Instead itis a clear appeal to put people in the centre and approach the hiring process as a structuredway to produce the best possible outcome for both the organisation and the people to behired…”

Bard Papegaaij — Research Director – Gartner

“…Man, this guy knows his stuff. He just saved me a pile of cash and headache with my growthstrategy with tons of practical advice on how to recruit the right person…”

Gina Romero – Entrepreneur — The Athena Network/Executive Lifestyle

“…Beyond some excellent philosophical constructs and ideas, Angle Recruiting provides apracticalguide (as well as ‘cookbook’ processes and helpful checklists) for recognising, hiring andtraining thenext generation of sales leaders and practitioners. This disciplined approach and the models andadaptations it engenders should be required reading for all senior and mid-level executivesinvolved inthe sales recruiting, hiring, management and ‘up skilling’ processes..”

Dale Kutnick – CEO – Meta Group



About the Author

Fulvio Felletti

With wide-ranging international experience as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and author, FulvioFelletti has established a global reputation as a leading recruiting and solution-selling expert. His training, coaching and mentoring programs for sales executives in organisations of every conceivable size have only added to this reputation. Fulvio has just released his first book, Angle Recruiting: How to hire the right people for your sales organisation, which draws on his nearly two decades of experience in the art of building and leading world-beating sales teams.


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